12 Love
3 Love is Faith
A person of love, will give others the benefit of doubt, meaning to lean
towards a favorable view of someone, for they are innocent until proven
guilty. Simply put, "believing, and hoping the best of someone". You
want people to believe you? Then believe in them. Love trust!
5 Love is Sacrifice (Giving)    
You have given much to see your children empowered and succeed.
You enjoy sacrificing to see them win.
Although it is possible to sacrifice against the will of God, with evil   
intentions, such as praying, fasting, lecturing, or giving for selfish
fame or self recognition only to be noticed by others.
When love does not push its own reputation. THIS is shame and not
SACRIFICE. Love is Giving.
6 Love is Forgiving  
What a wonderful things when someone tells you, "What?
I forgot about that a long time ago" ~this is a big person.
Love is not badgering someone for the next decade over a mistakes
that they had already been forgiven. If no acknowledgment of
their evil, this may be dealt with the by the law, or prayer or the
Holy Spirit's Conviction depending on each situation.
Don't hold a grudge. A murderer will pay his penalty, but non-criminal  
mistakes and attitudes, should be forgiven and forgotten.
"Forgiving is the KEY of LIFE!" AND THAT takes FAITH.
Without FAITH every door is shut in darkness.
Don't put out someones light, lest the Lord of Host
take away what little light you have. You've been warned!     
9 Love is Humble
The haughty will go into destruction.  You do not   
personally need to bring a haughty person down, God will see to it,
that the person will fall into his own ways.
Being humble means your not smart as you think!
10 Love is Listening  
The greatest problem, the hardest to obtain, in the world today, is      
people hear, but never listen. Proof is, if you ask someone to say  
back to you what YOU just said, nearly always, on a general day,
it wasn't what was said, at least exactly. Listening then,
is also, not just hearing, but understanding with the heart.
Listening is a friend to being quite.
The Holy Spirit, is the one who helps a person understand. Job 32:9

                       ♥ 14 TRUTHS ON LOVE ♥
A gentle answer turns away wrath!  Gentleness keeps
people at rest. Gentleness show a spiritual side of control.
Violence and brutality are signs of those without God.  
Acting only off instinct, like dogs in heat being deceived,
a soul of fleshly ideologies having destructive means.
Awesome and true is the nearness of his Great Spirit. The
gentleness of God in his people, the voice, or sparks
of heaven trickling down upon his people.  God is kind.
8 "Love is Patient, Love is Kind"
The Bible itself proclaims that Love is patient and love is kind.
No matter where you go in the world, you will find this scripture written,  
posted, printed on cars, walls, and in pictures.
Kindness is doing a favor!      
Patience is a virtue developed through trails.
11 Love is Quiet
Be assured, when the bass music is shattering the windows,
and voices are insolent, ostentatious or obtrusive, this is not the Spirit
of love. Love is quiet, solitude and peaceful.   Love from heaven
is quiet, reasonable, calm, peaceful, and tranquil.

People of the Spirit have a quiet soul
Quietness is a friend of the gentle.                                               
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Love is Blind  

The least glamorous thing God ever did, was to blind people   
through this gift called love.  King David of Israel seem to ignore the
threats of King Saul, even after continually being pursued for his life.
If you love someone enough, it appears like no matter what they do,
you still love them. This is unconditional love, God's Love
is blind, forgiving our sins as far as the east to the west.
Many times not taking into record what we had done.
"If You considered sins, Lord, who could stand?" Psalm 130:3
Yep, love is blind. Haven't you ever loved anyone?
                                                                               ~  Scott
                                1 Love Always Cares                                   
Some people have no power, because they have no love.
Love is strength and power.  The more Authoritarian people become,
the more liable they are to injure others.  Those born of God care and
protect, being loyal and understanding, and believe.  They keep faith
because love works by faith. Thank God he vindicates those who
do good and punishes them who harm and destroy this world.
Says the Holy Spirit:
2  Love Doesn't quit    
True people of love, fight to the end, as the Holy Spirit
helps them, and there is an end.

A FREE WILL CONSTITUTES that under no circumstances, will the  
Creator almighty impose upon or interfere with the choices of mankind
otherwise that would be domination.  Unfortunately, religions are about
rules and regulations, do's and don'ts .    However, If love is indeed the
allowance of free will,  then restrictions are about control as laws force
us to comply.  Unless of course, by a persons own incentive, they have
chosen to follow such codification,  then it isn't burdensome. God in the
bible promised to write His law in our minds, and to put it in our hearts,
said YirmĭYahu
(Book of Jeremiah 33:13)  The Holy Spirit opens in a new
heart through trust in him, so we are able to enjoy God's presence and
obey righteousness.  Psalms 51  "Create in me a clean heart, O God!  
Renew a resolute spirit within me!".  Through the Almighty Holy Spirit  
from God, we learn the LAW OF LOVE as King David said in 27:11,
Show me thy way, Yahweh and lead me in the righteous path "
7 Love is Gentle   
4  Love Speaks No Evil

Rabbi Chofetz Chaim said: Idolatry, murder, and blasphemy are very bad,
but Slander outweighs them all and will keep you from eternity.
The body of Moses was being fought over by Satan, the angles gave not a harsh or railing accusations
to the enemy, only said, Lord rebuke you.
_ Jewish literature, a quotation now lost, "the lost book of Moses"_
12 Love is Bold, Ready to Protect
Should we prevent others from being destructive? The answer is YES

Religious peoples are the first to judge others because they
have rules thinking they know. "I am glad I am not like those
sinners", yet they themselves are delinquent in hearing God
Our sages teach us slander is very worst of all sins and will
keep you from the world to come even the Lords millennium.
13 Love is Freedom  
The most astonishing thing God ever did, was to give  
mankind a complete free will. God hid himself from creation.     
 He did not post his name on every tree, wall or document like    
some tyrants have done.   But YHWH puts others in mind first!  
  It's easy for love to do,~allow someone to go their way, even      
if it is not right, grown-ups need to find out for themselves.
Freedom is allowing others do what seems right by their own
prerogative. Mannerly love is keeping silent sometimes too!

People lie, because of fear, dishonesty and deception.
A bold person is not ashamed, or afraid to love.  Boldness
is a friend of Faith. Love is not weak, It is endures. It is the
FIRE of light in the heart of the souls who listen
to loves beckonings of understandings.  Bold is beautiful,
it stands up for all good. Only love can do that.

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